Sunday, 15 April 2012


We can used statistic to compare the prices of each type of food product when we are buying things in real life. Example we can compare the washing powder that we used in our home. We can compare the prices of the washing powder or we can also compare how effective the product is and also how clean our clothes is after washing with different kinds of washing powder. As for the part that we did for the E learning, my team seperated and went to different sides so that we could calculate the different types of calculation example the types of taxis and the taxis or commuters at first. Then we computed all the results into the google spreadsheet where we needed to send in the URL. I can Conclude that the amount of taxis were more in the morning as there was morning rush where the people needed to take taxis to work. Then after the rush our there wasnt much commuters while there was more taxis than commuters.

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