Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Emotional Post

Life really may not be a bed of roses but all I wanted was just a little care and support from you. Whatever I do, you will never support me. As your boyfriend,  I know it is my job to support you, shower you with love and also to  accommodate to you. But have you ever thought of what I really really like, or what I really wanted. I just wanted to have some time to play soccer, but for you , i neglected my team and friends. I know its my responsibility but for you, I've lost friends and time to do things that I like. You said you didn't want to neglect your friends but .. I have done it for you. If only you could give me some support to the things that I have done. I want to wear some cool earrings, you said no, because you dont like me with earrings. I try to suit you as much as I can but I really wanted to wear, because it is one of the  times where I can look good. I just hope you will learn to support me a little more, thats all i ask for.

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I am born on 30 May 1999. I am a Zhangde rens and also a SSTians. I love both Epop and Kpop. I hope that you will have fun at my Blog :D



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