Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Give yourself a chance ; Smile and Try it !

Well everything that hits you in life will make you feel down. If you have that feeling of giving up, you are not alone but look at people in third world countries. Even though some have to suffer without food, some have to suffer with no water but then they still continue to be happy. Perhaps an example would be small kids in Africa, even though some have no water , some have no food but then they live their dream and they enjoy what they do by maybe playing football? Its the passion that actually keep them moving on. Smile and move on no matter how hard some things hit you. In life, there will definitely be bigger and bigger boulders for you to overcome. How you overcome and your determination to overcome is all in yourself. Give yourself a chance to try and no matter what, persevere on !

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I am born on 30 May 1999. I am a Zhangde rens and also a SSTians. I love both Epop and Kpop. I hope that you will have fun at my Blog :D



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