Saturday, 12 October 2013

Sucks to know..

It sucks to know that no matter how well you treat people, they will never treat you back the same. They will always treat those people who they ignore them better.. One day , they will realised how much time they had wasted on those people who ignore them and when they want those people who treat them well again, they are all gone.

This brings to my love life. No matter how well I treated her, she prefers to chat with some other guy who just perhaps be smarter or better than me. I treat her the best and she just ignores me, I don't blame her for that but it affected me a lot. Times I cried for her is uncountable but no matter how hurt I am I never wrote it down or posted it. Now, no matter how long I wait for her reply, she just gives me cold reply that .. I really don't know what I should do.. I have really really been deeply hurt by her </3

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